månadsarkiv: december 2013

Kenya – 50 years since independence, a review of our development, challenges & opportunities and the way forward.

Lecture by

Ambassador H.E. Dr. Joseph K. Sang,
Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Stockholm.

Kenya is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Jamhuri Day, December 12, 2013. Kenya gained full independence from the United Kingdom in 1963.

Ambassador Sang will give his views on Kenya, its history, challenges & opportunities, and its way forward as a country and regional center in Eastern Africa: “Kenya is in the forefront of athletics and mobile payment systems. We export flowers, coffee and tea to Sweden, and in return we get many visitors exploring Kenyan wildlife & beaches, business & investment opportunities, ways of mutual cooperation and our rich culture!”
Welcome! Välkomna!

Tid: Måndagen den 9 December 2013, kl 18.30.
Plats: Stadsbibliotekets hörsal, Linköping.